Sunday, June 17, 2012

Party Rock is in the house tonight!

Well, on to the next party - Pat's big 30th birthday!!!!!  I wanted this party to be really nice and special since two years ago his birthday was kind of overshadowed by a little family trip and last year his birthday was majorly overshadowed by Amelia joining us a few days earlier than planned.  So, as with Millie's party, I started planning this somewhere in March/April so that I would be able to do all that I wanted for the party without being stressed out.

We celebrated his party 1920's style to help him "roll out of his 20's and into his 30's" (okay, so this might have been a little selfish on my end - I REALLY love the 20's).  I asked everyone to dress up like they were from the 20's and amazingly, most people did!  No worries for those who didn't though, I made photo cutout board for everyone to get their picture taken behind.

I researched a lot about the 20's - it's such a neat time period.  We ate chinese food - orange chicken, lettuce wraps, egg rolls and ham fried rice because there was a big Chinese influence at the time.  Young people thought the food was very extravagant and wanted to be seen eating it.  It turned out to be a hit with everyone.  We also had yummy Kool-Aid that my mom made - Kool-Aid was first invented and known as Fruit Smack (love the name) and was later changed to Kool-Aid in 1927.  We also had Drumstick ice cream bars and Eskimo Pies, also introduced in the 1920's.  Oh, and I couldn't have a party without sugar cookies, so, I made cookies in the shape of dice (sad though - I didn't get one).  
The game Mah Jang was super popular - wanted to play it but it seemed too hard to figure out so I went with casino games instead.  I felt they were appropriate games to play in a 1920's speakeasy.  My dad gave everyone a cup full of chips and we had an hour and a half to win as much as we could.  Throughout the evening I called out bingo numbers too for more chances to win.  We played a very simple game of craps, pass line betting only (we're Mormon - no one knows how to play with all those other bets!) and had fun with black jack.  At the end of the evening some had lost all their chips but the Leonards seriously came away the big winners.  Both of them won bingo, Eric took first place in the chip count, with Crystal coming in second - and yes indeed - the birthday boy taking third - good job honey!  The winners got kool-aid squeeze its and Baby Ruths (named for Grover Cleveland's daughter, Ruth, who was born in the White House).

Thanks to everyone who joined us - you mean a lot to us and we enjoyed the evening with you!  And a Happy Birthday to Pat (even though now it's a week later).  I love you and hope your new life in the 30's will be awesome.  

Here are some more pics from the party:


Melanie Herway said...

You need to go into the party business. Serious.

Chesnut Family said...

Looks like a fun time - Like Dad's costume.