Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Way overdue

So we haven't posted in a while, So in order to get caught up to we go!

I got a new job working for Intermountain Healthcare in the central office (downtown) as a video producer, it got off to a slow start but its been busy lately. 

This is out little tanker at ~8 months, you may notice a grin on her face (normal) and a pink accessory (not normal).  Her head was flat from laying on only one side sleeping, the neck muscles that were causing the problem were solved by stretching (praise Anna-Lisa for being consistent...i wouldn't have been) but her head wasn't going to have enough time to heal itself.   So to answer a few questions: 23 hours a day, 9 more weeks and no she doesn't like it, though she is getting used to it.

as long as were on the subject, it was Emma's 1st birthday, Happy Birthday Emma.  Link to the pictures album here

We went skiing this Saturday and it was crowded, here is Corbin and Coby skiing down the hill.  I guess the crowds explain we ski free after 3 will becoming ski after 3 starting Feb 15th.  Its going to be $25 a year per person, which isn't a lot, but its sure a lot more that free.  I hope there is an age limit, but something tells me that aint going to happen.

This Sunday was the Superbowl.  There were some sports teams playing football or something while we all had a good party, Amelia is such a party animal.

Here is Poppy and luella having a good laugh.

Amelia Being cute

And chance having a good nap.  The rest of the pictures are here.

Well, that about puts us up to date, we will try not to blog fast for as long next time.


JP said...

i love how you guys "dressed up" her helmet. so cute! congrats on the new job pat!

bob and sara rich said...

yeah, congrats on the new job pat, it's a good thing you don't have to spell for a living, you should have majored in communications...oh wait.

Kristen said...

hi! i hope you don't mind that i found your blog. your daughter is so cute & it looks like you have tons of fun!