Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th!

Amelia had a great 4th of July and she would tell you about it but she slept through most of it so instead I will tell you about it. 

We went to Bear Lake with the family and enjoyed some good times with a good group.  Just the right size. 
It was great weather to be at bear lake too, with mild temps (outside) great conditions and high water.  Good times indeed.  

We had fireworks, rockets and boats.

Good food
and good friends
 And of course my Gals.

Even Bob and Sara made it, thanks to wireless tethering and skype.

It really was nice, and a great way to celibate our countries independence.
Ah, I really like bear Lake.

After Bear lake Anna and I went to Sandy City Fireworks!  That was a great way to end the weekend.

Wait?  where was I

Asleep with Mor Mor and Mor Far.  Sleepy one.


bob and sara rich said...

Love the pics Pat, especially that last one of Amelia. She is such a darling baby. Yay for us "making" it to Bear Lake. I wish we could have been there in body! On a side note: I thought for a second that my head was cut off in the Skype pic. but with a better look at the picture my head is just blending in with the dark background. Usually I'm the fluorescent light bulb in every picture messing up the flash quality on everyone else, it's weird being on the other end of the spectrum! :)

wadeandbrianna said...

LOL! I love little Miss Amelia she is so sweet! Sad we didn't get to see ya but we are excited things are going well. Hopefully we can meet up soon! TTYL

JP said...

haha, i love that last pose! very sassy :)

Tom and Kari Lane said...

she is so sweet!

Endless Days and Northern Nights said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE that last picture! Oh my goodness!