Thursday, June 16, 2011

almost a week later

Here we are, almost one week later.  Amazing.  It feels much shorter than that only because the line between days blurs perilously these days.  Things are going like they should, for the most part and like all new parents I suppose I am learning to take great joy in poops and wet diapers (counting their frequency at least).  Though there have been a few good moments in changing too.  Anyway, here are few new pictures and video to let everyone know how we are doing. 

Her first day in her new home.

 A little stretch in the basenet
And her cute little face.  Her hair is already getting lighter, but it does do the wave, which is great.

Here she is with her 4 month old cousin Emma Lane.  Can you believe Emma was smaller than that?
Here are the loves of my life, my girls, taking a nap...right now actually.  
I guess i will go wake them up.

That's about it for us.  We are doing pretty good aside from a feeding issue here and there and extreme tiredness (to be expected I'm sure).  If you are thinking of making a visit please do, just call us first.  Thanks.  Also, check out the video above.  Nothing special (action wise) but a nice clean shot of her little face. 

Here is a bonus shot i meant to put up from the hospital but didn't.


Sara Lou said...

Love the picture of Anna and Amelia snuggling and napping on the couch. SOAK that up!!! Amelia is such a beautiful baby.

Kathryn said...

I love reading about you and Amelia!!! I'm with Sara and loving the pics of mommy/daughter sleeping together. IT's true, those days end FAR too quickly!! :) <3. Nice work papa these posts are adorable. You seem to be getting the hang of the parenthood thing really quickly! :)

Melanie Herway said...

Love those little arms stretching! Adorable. I'm glad you've survived your first week too.

Jenny said...

Congrats!!!! Bri said you had pictures up - she is beautiful. So excited for you guys.

margaret said...

She is so cute -- I am bad for not stopping by to see her. Soon!

PS love her name!