Saturday, January 1, 2011

Miscelanious non-christmas related post

No, this isn't the post that covers Christmas, I will let Anna-Lisa cover that one.  This post is more just the bits that are interesting that may have fallen between the cracks during the holiday times.  First things first, does anyone know of a place to get a good replacement face, cause I guess I ruined mine.  My friend Wade and I went up skiing at the bird this last Friday (check out the URC for more info) and it was COLD!  When we looked into it, about -4 static and between -20 and -30 at the summit with wind chill.  So back to my face.

Take a close look people...THIS is the face of frostbite.

Okay, so its more accurately severe frostnip, but it is essentially stage 1 frostbite!  Anyway, the tip of my nose, and both smile lines (hey, I was using 'em!) are reddish and slightly blistery.  My nose got the worst of it and has already started to peel.  I think i will live I got that going for me.

Okay, so what bout this.

Cool huh.  This is one of the many "Well's" in our complex, they aren't really that cool on their own, but after we got all that snow and with the Christmas lights on them, they are pretty sweet.  I took this picture with my little point and shoot.  Its doubtful very many people care about the details, but since this isn't a very well read blog; it was shot at ISO 100 on tripod with a 5 second exposure, then again at 3.2 and 8.  I merged the three images to an HDR in photoshop to bring out the bright light and the dark sky.  Neat, huh?

   Speaking of neat, these are the gingerbread houses we made a week before Christmas.

Anna wanted them out of the house so I put them outside in the snow, added some trees and set the mood with a back diamond orbit lantern (check out the moon shadows!)  They are going to sit there until they get eaten by a neighbor cat or start getting gross enough to chuck, hopefully the cat gets to the first.
Last but not least.

This is the shoe cabinet from IKEA that we got for Christmas. 

We built it and mounted it today.  It really looks great, classes up the place, and we finally have a home for all our wayward shoes!  

Okay, that's about it.  I will let Anna-Lisa do the next post, but be sure to check out the URC blog for more up to date happenings with me (shameless plug) and Anna-Lisa's cookie blog for her.  Links on the side.

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