Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Bread Houses

About the first weekend in December, my cousin Kari and her husband came over to make gingerbread houses.  We all headed over to WinCo (the absolute best place to buy bulk candy!) to pick out supplies.  We each ended up making our own house.  This was mainly because Pat kept picking out candy without consulting me.  I felt it was ugly candy, so we decided to make our own!

In the end, I will admit that Pat's gingerbread house is pretty awesome, and mine....well, mine is a cute, classic gingerbread house but it doesn't compare to how cool Pat's is.  Here are a few pictures of our creations. 

Kari recruited her architect husband Tom to help finish her gingerbread house!


Meanwhile, Tom's "House of Cards" collapsed.  Props to Tom still, he had a really unique idea!

I wanted my gingerbread house to be a classic house, full of candy, so I put up strips of sour gummy siding.  As Pat pointed out, mine probably has the best insulation and protection against the elements.

 Pat's on the other hand, comes complete with a rock candy chimney, yummy gummy trees AND the person who lives in his house is a fisherman.  You can see the fish rack right outside the house....of course, I think he might be an illegal fisherman because those aren't Swedish fish, they happen to be gummy sharks!


Kristen said...

Love it! You guys are so fun. I am so with you on the ugly candy issue, sometimes Ry and I have that problem too.

Wade and Brianna said...

Cute! I love your house. I think I would live in that house.

Grey Sky Blue said...

Fantastic! Pat's house belongs up here in Alaska. Seriously. I haven't seen kari in forever! So nice to see her face! Merry Christmas!