Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was eventful this year. We flew out to Ohio to visit family so our Thanksgiving started a week early with the 5th annual Drumstick Dash. It was quite a success - thanks to everyone who came and also brought friends! We hope to see even more next year as Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to exercise right?

Ohio was quite a treat. We started out making sugar cookies, well just the dough. We discovered that Benjamin REALLY LIKES sugar cookie dough. Actually, I guess we all do! So I had to make another batch while everyone was at school and these really did turn into frosted sugar cookies, YUM!

All of my family got together, the first time since our wedding. We got to see Megan and David's home in and of course - the main event - Joseph and Kathryn's new baby, Joey (or Joju as we like to call him.)

We greeted Thanksgiving Day with another Drumstick Dash but learned that if we call it a "dash" that we better run fast - it's a race! If it's just a friendly, fun run then it should be called a "trot." Next year I'll be sure to make the distinction known. The meal was absolutely delicious, thanks Megan!

Unfortunately, on Friday most of us got sick with the is NOT fun. Let it be known that the swine flu vaccination really d
oes work. Everyone who received it did not get sick, everyone who didn't (I mean EVERYONE) ended up getting it......go get vaccinated, if not be sucks.

Megan has a friend in her ward that agreed t
o take our family picture. I think she did a great job considering the elements - FREEZING cold, crazy (but cute) nephews running around, and swine flu present.

Friday evening we went to watch my niece in a parade to welcome Santa. It was great, after cheering Emily on, I proceeded down the parade route and got candy and kettle corn. We need to go to more parades, it was fun. We stayed to watch the tree lighting then hurried home to enjoy hot chocolate. Then, we had some liquid nitrogen fun. The purpose of the liquid nitrogen was to make ice cream but instead, we froze apples, oranges and flowers. It was fun to smash them with a hammer and the eat the little pieces! Liquid nitrogen does change the flavor if you were curious.
Happy Thanksgiving and now that it's almost Christmas -

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Danny and Becky DuPaix said...

Looks like you had fun! Cute family picture!