Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Real "Happy Halloween"

Wow, we've really posted a lot in the past few days. It's not that much has been's more that we think we're really cool and we think everyone should think we are cool too!

Last night for Halloween we threw a fun Halloween party. We met up at our house and started a Halloween Road Rally. Pat and I drove around Midvale and Sandy before the rally and found different points of interest and made up different tasks for everyone to do at each site. We gave the teams clues to find the locations so it was like a scavenger hunt or you could even compare it to The Amazing Race....but cooler! I remember that my Dad always made these up for Young Women/Young Men activities and they always looked like so much fun. It turned out that they are fun - though my clues were totally EASY and our friends Katie and Van Hoover had the advantage since Katie knew where both Pat and I lived growing up.

Then we enjoyed dinner and played games at our house. It was a blast to be in costumes and just have fun. It kind of reminded me of some fun high school parties where people are willing to do anything for fun and there's not much sitting around and talking! Way to go everyone!


Melanie Herway said...

You are indeed very cool...but I already knew that.

Kathryn said...

lol!! I LOVE just sitting around and talking! :0) haha. And I didn't dress up at ALL for Halloween so that's a double wammie and it seals the deal. I'm officially no fun! :0) Don't worry. I'll figure out a way to change that somehow. :0) Looks like you guys all partied like rockstars-- as it should be. fun pix!

Ang said...

Your house is so cute! We really need to come and see it.

The Young's said...

That sounds so fun! I love your costumes too....very creative!

John said...

These costume ideas are fantastic !