Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Warren Miller

Last Friday, Anna and I went to Warren Miller with Coby, Ben, Bobby, and Coby's friend John. it was a lot of fun, good show, although I really miss the Warren Miller narration, not to dis Johnny Mosely. he had this picture taken, we are going to win a jeep with it....right... The important thing is that skiing is comming, and we are not sad about it.

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Kathryn said...

That's HILAROUS!!! Joseph and I sat down and talked about it before we filled out or Absentee ballots 'cuz we were SO undecided at the time I knew that would happen!! haha!! Your bathroom btw is SO CUTE!!!! It made me jeolous for 6 seconds that I don't have my own home. Then I was glad again. :0) AND your halloween costumes!!!! Joseph and I don't have any this year. we're total bummer's ;0)