Sunday, August 24, 2008


We have been planning a Yellowstone (or a camping trip) all summer long and finally it came. We packed our car full and headed north to Yellowstone. We enjoyed the drive there and got AWESOME gas mileage. Our campsite wasn't anything to scream about it had some good points - it was right next to the bathroom and some bad points - it was right next to the bathroom.

It was so fun to camp and use the fun stuff we got for our wedding. We're starting to get a great collection of gear.

Our days in Yellowstone were incredibly packed. People asked us what parts we saw....we saw everything. We drove every possible road you could. The first day we took the lower loop towards Old Faithful. We stopped at EVERY geyser, smelly or not. The temperature was great so we didn't get too burned out to stop and look at it all. We watched Old Faithful erupt twice from two different angles. After about four hours of looking at geysers we headed out to see the lake - it's tempting to get in but not recommended because of it's freezing temperatures. Pat didn't think it would be any colder than Bear Lake but we didn't get in anyway.

We also went to Yellowstone Falls and saw the falls from every angle possible. The favorite for the day was a hike called Uncle Tom's. It's a stairway straight down the mountain side - 350 steps or so and it has a fabulous view of the Lower Falls.

The second day was an attempt to see wildlife. It failed. Well, we saw buffalo, a marmot, elk - lots of elk but no bears, no moose, and no wolves or eagles (Anna really wanted to see a wolf and an eagle). That was a bit disappointing but still fun. We drove the upper loop, saw Tower Falls, all the fire damage and the Mammath geyser area. That area was as active as Anna has ever seen so that was fun.

We left Yellowstone and headed for the Grand Tetons. Pat learned that the Tetons were named by French explorers who missed women! Tetons actually means cow teets! We continued to look for wildlife but saw none. The highlight of the Tetons was swimming in String Lake.

It's a small lake right by Jenny Lake. It has a gorgeous view of the Tetons and it's FREEZING! We swam for a bit and continued on our way to Bear Lake to meet up with both my family and his family at Raspberry days.

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Melanie Herway said...

Oh raspberry days! (Sigh) What I would give to have one of those wonderful milkshakes. Looks like a fun camping trip. Jake and I are thinking of going camping, 2 kids and all, but he's making up all kinds of excuses :)