Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Vacations in a Row!

Bear Lake
Last weekend we went with our friends Dustin and Lisa Lee up to the cabin at Bear Lake. We got up bright and early to get some good water. Unfortunately they were conducting inspections of all the boats that weekend. The Centurion is a GREAT boat but it is a bit old and it pretty much failed EVERYTHING! We didn't have a working horn, no proof of insurance, no navigation lights, no throwable floatation device....we didn't even have life jackets for everyone aboard the boat! They made no comment about the lack of a swim platform on the back of the boat though! Our getting up super early meant nothing, it took us about two hours to actually get into the water.

It was worth the wait. The water was absolutely beautiful though it did take your breath away when you jumped in. Pat got all the gear necessary to wake surf. It is so much fun. I might even like it better than skiing! Seriously, it is so fun and it doesn't make you sore or tired like skiing does. I will repeat it one more time, it is so much fun.

Zion National Park

Over the 4th of July the four of us headed down south, yes into the blazing heat. We got up at 6:00 am on Friday in order to get passes to hike the Subway in Zion. There were no more passes available by the time we got to the front of the line so we ended up hiking Pine Creek. I didn't mind because Pine Creek is my favorite slot canyon hike and Lisa and Dustin had never been canyoneering so it all worked out.

Pine creek was a new experience this weekend. It was completely dry! I have never been in it when it is this dry and it was fun. Instead of thinking about jumping in freezing cold, dirty water we could simply repel and actually look up to see the amazing formations this canyon has to offer. Pat got the best surprise when he heard a whistle above him. He looked up and saw two baby owls (we think great horned owls) staring at him. They were definately cute but you couldn't stare at them too long. There's something about owls that makes you scared to look at the eyes....and that sharp beak. It was really neat to see owls so close up.

Lisa proved herself to be the best frog catcher anywhere. She wasn't scared to pick them up at all. Everytime I got one, if it moved I freaked out and threw it back into the water. Not Lisa though, she loved them.

Even though I have done Pine Creek many times before, it's different every time. That's why canyoneering is fun, each time you go down a canyon it's just a little bit different. You can find something new to appreciate each time.


Melanie Herway said...

What?! You traitor. How could anything be better than skiing. Okay, I should probably try it one time. Anything behind a boat is FUN FUN FUN!

PS I love how the boat didn't pass...what happens then? Do you have to pay a fine?

Jos and Kath said...

wake surfing really does look so awesome!! I've seen big party boat groups wake surfing with beer in their hands and just laughing. :) What great pictures of the slot canyon! I wonder if that's the same one Joseph has a picture of you and your dad hiking? Sounds like you had a rockin' 4th of July! :)

Logan and Emily said...

oooh fun! I wish we were back in Utah to go on adventures with you guys! We are just in AK for the summer; we'll be back in Seattle for school in the fall. As far as the cupcakes go. I just make them up as I go. I look a lot on the internet and mix fillings and frostings up. Let me know if you want any! I'll email them to ya! Miss you!

Stapes said...

Oh so fun! We miss Utah, but are also enjoy a "different" kind of recreation out here. The family thing is different. You just can't do some things with a babe. Not because you can't just strap the kid on your back and go. But because you can't just strap the kid on your back and not expect him to eventually poo on you, scream in your ear after an hour because he's tired, and feed him at the same time he's strapped to your back. So I am glad you are enjoying yourselves to the max! Get in all you can! :) Love, KT

Nicole & Weston Maughan said...

That last pic is SO cool! Love the coloring. What a fun summer you guys are having!!

Chris and Brittani Knudsen said...

Anna I found your blog and so excited to see all the fun things you guys have been up to. Surfing looked like a blast...we will have to keep in touch! Sunridge ward for life (ha ha ha)

G-Dawg and the Fam said...

ANNA!! I found your blog! What the heck! You're married?! and going on all of these awesome adventures every weekend now?! How'd you swing that deal? I am very impressed! The best we've got with 2 kids is camping in the back yard! I miss hanging out... you are one of the important people from high school that I kinda lost touch with (except for the occasional bunco subbing!) We should get together so you can kill me in tennis like the old days. My blog is and I will be watching for a comment from you on when and where!

-Ginger (Tidwell) Palmer

Jen and Josh said...

Wow! I'm just confused on how you got a board that isn't strapped to your feet on top of the water! You made me think of Hawaii and miss it. Hopefully we will get to go boating one time this year!