Sunday, August 31, 2014

Forest Lake and Tibble Fork

 This summer we did a lot of different than normal things and we had sooo much fun.  Pat has his new obsession hobby - driving his Landcruiser and he jumps at any chance to go out.  While my family was here, he offered to take some people out on a drive up American Fork Canyon.  He took them to Forest Lake, a trail we attempted to do last summer but turned around after I started crying.  I did not go this time around and they made it all the way to the lake.
 Pat got some money for his birthday and picked out a cook awning for the car.  It's pretty handy and fun to have.
 At the lake they did some target shooting (because honestly, how can you go four-wheel driving without also doing some shooting right?).

Can you tell they liked it?

My mom, dad, sister, niece, Amelia and I met them later at Tibble Fork Reservoir.  All the kids loved wading in the water.  It was a very pretty spot to have lunch.

 Our friend Wade kindly drove his truck so more people could go.  Isn't his boy the cutest?  

 And here is Tibble Fork - beautiful huh?  Next time I want to bring kayaks along.

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