Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daffodil is 5 months!

I recently read an article about things a parent didn't know would happen after the second child.  One was that you would call your children the wrong names (my siblings and cousins have lived through this one, including being called our own cats at times!!).  I mixed up Amelia and Daphne's names today for the first time!  I am proud to say I made it 5 months before doing so.  The other thing in the article was that time goes much faster with the second child - dang straight it does!  I can't believe Daphne is already 5 months and soooo big.  She's the smiliest, happiest baby.  Now can't we just speed up the time til she sleeps though the night!!  Millie was so easy, this one is not.

Here she is, five months old and loving life.

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