Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy New Year!

This year we went and hung out at Joanne's for New Year's Eve.  did we stay up until midnight?  Nope.  Did we even stay at Joanne's until midnight?  Nope again!  Boy, we are getting old (in my defense, I've always felt that New Year's is way over-rated.  Somehow, if you don't have plans, you feel like a loser, but you shouldn't, you're smart and are going to bed at a reasonable hour!). 

Here's our little family minus Amelia (no, Daphne is not hungry!)

We ate far too many delicious treats because hey, it's New Year's Eve.  Resolutions don't start until tomorrow right (in all actuality, I have no resolutions about eating).

The kids swam in the hot tub.

And Honey of course got the kids noise makers and hats.

Fun to be had by all!  Now get ready 2014 - Hizah!

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