Monday, May 20, 2013

Playing Catch-up

We figured we needed to catch-up on a few things before we go on our trip to San Diego next week!  That way we'll be up to date.  

Speaking of dates, we've been trying to go on some from time to time now-a-days (we don't go on too many, really, like 1 every other month or so, maybe).  However, on January or so, I bought a groupon to take an archery lesson and shoot for an hour.  I thought it would be way fun.  It was!  Well, the lesson turn out to be - "here's the bow, here's the arrow, put it this direction, aim at the bottom of the target (yeah, pretty low I know!) and shoot.  then, make sure the area is clear and everyone can retrieve their arrows.  We never saw our "instructor" again!  Despite the lack of lesson, it was a blast.  We were able to hit the target a few times, even when we moved it back and it isn't as loud as shooting guns and not so terrifying either.  I could totally get into archery, not to hunt or anything but to shoot a target, yes.

For a family night, we made use of our Pass of all Passes and went to a Bees game.  It was a fun game though Marianne and I decided to take the girls to ride the choo choo train - big mistake.  We waited in line for over an hour.  At least Millie and Olivia liked it.  For a few days afterwards Millie mentioned that she rode a choo choo train and said, "Take me out to the ball game."  I'm looking forward to the next game - no train though!

Pat has gotten a few "guys outings" as well - still totally jealous of guys nights. They do a lot of fun stuff (ahem, calling all girls out there who want to do fun stuff, we should make some plans).  Case in point -

Pat and fellow guys (Ben, Corbin and Coby, Will Sargent and Wade Hansen) in Ogden enjoying Flow Rider, I-fly (looks totally rad, right?) and rock climbing (oh, how I miss working at Waterford and rock climbing on weekend nights).

This wall is sooo high that Pat looks tiny

Um.......Corbin's not even 8 yet, I'm very impressed with his skills!

I'm adding this because it looks like it could be an advertisement, right?
And here's Pat on his guy's weekend in Moab, camping and mountain biking:

Now for the life of Amelia.  She's taken to potty training herself recently - she asks to go to the bathroom, when we sit her on the toilet, she goes!  We'll see how easy things go from here.  She also enjoys taking her socks off her feet and putting them on her hands.  It's easier to get pictures of her now because she understands what we are doing and likes to see the finished product.  She often gives us a big grin and says cheese for the camera.  

We hosted for Mother's day and my family came for dinner and then Pat's family joined us all for dessert.  It was scorching hot already but we still had a nice time outside.  Despite our backyard being west facing, we get a lot of shade, so it's really nice.  The kids had a great time playing on the swing set and eating ice cream cones on the steps.  It was a blast to have everyone over to our house for a change.  

Here's me on Mother's Day, looking a little chubby, because as many of you know, we having a baby in September but many of you don't know what we are having.

I kept it secret for a few days until I had the whole Rich family together at Bear Lake.  I made sugar cookies and frosted them and before anyone saw them I made everyone guess what they thought it would be.  I know, totally corny and really just fun for us but I saved the votes and into the new baby book it will go!  So here goes.  We are having a............

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