Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Hoppy Easter"

Easter just might be my second favorite holiday with Amelia (Halloween is #1).  I got out on Sunday morning and hid some eggs with candy and a basket for Millie and Pat.  Then I sent them hunting.  I was feeling a little bad the night before because I was seeing what all these moms were doing for Easter and the pictures of their Easter baskets and all the candy on Pinterest and Facebook, but then I realized, "Wait a minute, my mom just hid a basket for each of us and that was that."  I was very happy going out to search.  Nothing was elaborate and I realized that Amelia isn't 2 yet, and that probably she'd have fun with the twelve (yep, only 12) eggs that I hid and a basket.  And you know what?  She loved it!  So, I ended up not feeling bad at all (though there is nothing wrong with elaborate plans, they are cute and awesome so if you are a holiday planner - props to you)!  She had a blast once she figured out what she was doing.  She also LOVED dying eggs before hand.  Now every time she sees an egg she blurts out, "Easter egg." 

Millie got a baby doll and some notebooks to color in (she prefers notebooks to coloring books) but her most prized item was her new sunglasses.  She always wants them on.  Thank goodness it was sunny and very bright that day!

Later that evening, we went over to Honey and Poppy's house for dinner and another hunt.  In the Rich family it's a tradition to dye the eggs instead of using platic.  I'm torn - I love dying the eggs and, really, the kids don't need all the candy filled eggs, but then all those eggs go to waste (unless you are a big hard boiled egg eater....I am not).  The pros and cons right?  There were tons of eggs since we all brought a dozen.  It's really fun but Millie is definitely the slowest so Pat and I carried her to a lot of the eggs.  She was in heaven!  

We also had an egg toss.  Here's a pic of the egg toss and if you look closely in the background, you'll see Joanne working hard to catch that egg.  It was a tough one to catch.

We worked hard to teach Millie about Easter and about Jesus.  Mainly, we said his name a lot and told her he was her big brother.  It's tough to get into a lot of detail with a 1 1/2 year old - what do you think?  She got to color a lovely picture of Jesus, and his tomb and the rock in front of the tomb in nursery. 

Tonight we get to have dinner with my parents and we're going to hide those 12 eggs again for Millie to find!  I'm excited.

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