Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bear Lake in December

What sorcery is this?  Two blog posts in a single week?  You bet.  So this installment revolves around our little trip to bear lake this last weekend with the Siddoways.

I had to go up to Logan for work Friday and because we bought a new house we needed a new washer and dryer, since there was a free set for us at bear lake I thought it would be a good idea to take the family and make a weekend of it, and to spice things up I got Wade to come up with his family. 

Taylor and Amelia are pretty close in age and it turns out that they play really well together and they both did very well for only getting out of the house 1 time in 48 hours.

Speaking of getting out, we were very disappointed when we got there by the complete lack of snow.   Bear lake in the winter isn't much without snow.  Fortunatly it snowed all day saturday, which gave us a chance to get the kids out to play in the snow. Not enough for sledding, but just right for the inflatable pool lounge.

We would whip them around and they would glide over the insanely light snow like a hovercraft, it was pretty fun, but it was also pretty cold (high of 22) so we didn't spend much time out. 

There were plenty of things to see from inside though, like this group of wild turkey that wandered into the yard.

I had never seen wild turkey before, though we do get lots of deer and moose and various ducks and water foul at the cabin.

Like these snow covered Canadian Geese that are clearly very confused about the term "South" in choosing bear lake as a good place to winter. 

We had a lot of fun playing games with the Siddoways and generally just relaxing.  Frankly I love going to bear lake in the winter because of the quite and chance to forget doing anything and just get cozy and take it easy. 

It would have been nicer with a little more snow, but the season is just getting started so I'm no too worried. 

Here is a little gallery presented without comment of a few of the pictures that survived my hard drive eating them.  (note: Taylor really likes the camera it seems.)

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