Thursday, November 1, 2012


 I didn't know it was possible, but I like Halloween even more than I did before (and it was my favorite holiday).  This year was the first year we took Amelia out trick-or-treating.  I was kind of expecting her to not get it because I had someone tell me that their boy didn't get it last year and they kind of just pushed him from house to house.....well, I am here to say that Amelia "got it."  Not only did she get the whole idea, she LOVED it!  We couldn't stop her and it made us laugh and laugh and now I love Halloween even more.  (Though I don't know how I will feel about it when I don't get to decide what Amelia will be anymore, that's part of the fun, deciding on costumes!  I got the idea for her owl costume here, super super easy!)  I also was worried that Amelia wouldn't keep her costume on, but she decided it was the bee's knees and ran with it (literally).

After I determined Amelia was going to be an owl, we decided nothing would be more fitting than for us to be park rangers.  I got to work at Yellowstone (this was a really tough decision, it was my one chance to work at any national park I wanted, I debated on Capitol Reef but I knew I couldn't write that small enough to fit on my badge.  Then I toyed with Hawaii Volcanoes but that just didn't feel right, plus, I kind of felt that rangers their would dress differently.  I thought about Yosemite but I've never been there so in the end, Yellowstone was really the ultimate choice, oh but now I'm thinking Glacier would have been cool too.  For Pat it was easy, he just told me Zion, which kind of is the most obvious park for us.

Here's our baby owl.  Pretty cute, huh?

After we took Amelia to a few special houses to see her Tante Ranae (Aunt) and Bestimor (great grandma) and cousin Kari and Emma, Amelia got to go out with her cousin Tinkerbell, oops, I mean Olivia.  And of course, her Poppy in his wheel-mobile.  I thought we would just go to a few houses and call it quits but once Amelia got started, we couldn't stop her.  She ran and ran and ran all over.  

We probably could have just let her run without going to a single door but she sure loved getting to pick out her candy too.  And after she got it, she liked to pull it out and show us her spoils.  So, we ended up trick-or treating for just over an hour and her candy bag got pretty full.  We tried to carry it for her but she wouldn't have that so Pat craftily pulled candy out and put it into his pockets so it wouldn't get too heavy.  

Here are a few pics of our evening:

Honey and Poppy with a baby Tyson as Peter Pan
Aunt Whitney and Chance
Stealing Jayden's candy, as if she didn't get enough, though I'll admit, I wanted to steal it too, he got some good stuff!
A completed evening, now on to milk


Kristen said...

Love love love her as a cute little owl! You are such a cute fun mama!

Chesnut Family said...

Nice costume Amelia!

Sara Lou said...

Such a cute costume! Glad she "got it". Sorry to have traumatized you with the story of the boy who "didn't get it". Though, I don't think I painted the picture very clearly. Imagine one hallway in the church (not a huge neighborhood) packed to the brim with frightening looking people, hot, loud, and because it was plan B...nobody "got it". There was no organization or flow. Maybe that helps. :)

Kristen said...

So cute!!