Thursday, June 7, 2012

Über post

I don't like to do these Über posts but apparently I don't like to frequently update the you go.

The last time I posted it was mothers day, much as happened since then.  Lets start Chronologically. 

We found a nice little park to have a picnic in, it was really nice to get out for the start of the really nice weather, and Amelia really likes being outside.  

 It needed a little restoration but it was a nice little park, aside from the stray dog that followed us everywhere.  It wasn't a mean or aggressive dog, just lonely.  The sad part came when we packed up and drove away because everyone assumed it was our dog and that we just deserted it, we got a lot of looks and a few wave downs.  They must have thought we were jerks!  Lousy manipulative dog! (Simpsons reference)


Bob, packing up their truck for their move to California for a prosthetic internship

 Helping them move so he can make a career in prosthetics is probably my greatest contribution to the eventual robot uprising. 

Bye Bye guys, we'll see you soon!

Next we witnessed the majesty of a solar eclipse through the magic of a shoebox

 Which is exactly as exciting as it sounds.  To be fair, I was really REALLY tired, Amelia has been tricky with sleep since approaching 1.

Kari hosted a pool party for the Little girls and it looks like it went really well.

Amelia was particularly fond of the ice cream.  The little porker.  

Memorial day wasn't particularly exciting since I was working, But it was fun to have our friends Wade and Bri come back from their 2 month stay in California.  They had a little BBQ and Amelia got re-introduced to Taylor.  

 Turns out Amelia doesn't like having her picture taken while she eats.

Its okay though, she likes to have pictures taken with friends.

We went climbing at Anna's school for the last time with Amelia's friend and ours, the Siddoways. 

 Here Taylor, knowing his dad is distracted, is seizing the moment to get some spare cash.
We also went climbing with our friends the Loves.  

turns out Sheyn is a pretty good climber, for someone who hasn't climbed before he killed it.

Speaking of which, I was super stoked I did this route before it was too late.  It wasn't too hard a route, maybe a 5.11a or b but it was a lot of fun.

I would also like to take this oppurtunity to point out how awesome it is to have awesome climbing pants.  Even if said pants make you look like a burke in a store or anywhere else, they are wonderful in a gym!

Plus I made them, so I'm happy about that.

And finally, some random baby cuteness.

Stay tuned for Amelia's birthday party! 

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