Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day, And Misc

Ah mothers, aren't they great!  Yesterday was our first mothers day as parents and although the emphasis was still on our mothers and grandmothers... was a great time for me to realize what a great mother little Amelia has.  Thanks Anna-Lisa for being a great wife and mom! 

Its true what they say I suppose, behind every great person, there is a great out of focus mom.  or something along those lines.  Anyway, I know Amelia thanks you too!

So for Mothers Day we had to try and figure out how to show each of our mothers we cared and instead of trying to split up Sunday we opted to take Anne Marit out for Breakfast at Kneaders Saturday and have 2nd Sunday dinner at my moms on Sunday.  Turns out Kneaders gives out free french toast to mothers the Saturday before, or on, Mothers Day.  So, if you didn't you do (they also do it for Fathers Day).  It was nice.

On Sunday we had a gourmet hotdog bar complete with just about every type of fixin'.  Afterwards we gave my mom her present of scrapbook pages.  I was up until 1 A.M. photo-shopping them together (right before Amelia decided to get up and be grumpy until 230) but they turned out really well. 

I could write more about how nice it was to hang out on the grass, or about all the great things both my mom and Anne Marit do for both of us but I will just leave it as, Thank you for all that you do and we love you very much.

Jumping back a day to Saturday, I would like to was a very nice day.  We had a nice late breakfast with Anne-Marit, Ruth and joe.  (except for the cold...seriously kneaders you cater almost exclusively to women, why is it 65 degrees in there all the time?)

Then I got to go on a short ride with Joe.

More about that here

THEN we got some things done around the house and we went climbing again!  Anna and I have both decided that we really like Climbing and we will be very sad in a few weeks when the gym is no longer available to us. 

Joe and Anne Marit came with us to climb and to help us watch out for little Amelia, who is very mom clingy right now which makes it harder to belay... you might imagine.

We all had a good climb, enjoy this collage of the climb.

We all climbed.  Even Anne Marit!

I wont say how much higher she made it up, but I will  give her mad props for putting on the shoes and giving it a go! 

Milie loves to go climbing, and she really gets into the spirit of exploration...

Also, She uses it as a time to practice her yoga moves, here she is demonstrating downward dog.
Nice form!

We are really going to have to find another way to climb once we can no longer climb at the gym.  oh well. 

A few other things we have been up to to wrap up this LONG post.

We went to the redwood road drive in theater swap meet (every Saturday)

And I gotta tell you, even though we didn't buy anything it was $1.50 WELL spent. ($.75 per adult)

We also went climbing with the Bob Rich and Lance Welch families

As well as our friend Mike.

Followed by a short up up bells canyon the following Saturday

As well as just general good times with the little one.

Well, that's all for now, check back soon!

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David and Megan said...

These are great pictures of your family. So fun to have so many mothers around to celebrate with!