Friday, December 9, 2011

playing catch up....again.

Well, im back to playing catch up since i haven't posted thanksgiving and stuff has happened since Mexico.

So.  Thanksgiving first?

This year was Anna's 7th annual drumstick dash and we had a great turnout this year.  Thanks for everyone who got up early and came running, it was a lot of fun!

This must be the year of the little girls, here is the turnout; Emma, Amelia, Ruby, Vivian and Claire.

This year, Thanksgiving was held at Anna's cousin's wife's parents house.  It was really nice and we want to thank the Johansens for the good food and a good time.

And now on to other things.  I got a new job at Intermountain Healthcare. Since I was leaving I got to choose a place to eat for me last day at Sorenson Media; I chose Back East Cheesesteaks.  I really like them and they have always been consistent and friendly to us.  Anna likes to order the Pizza sub, which is just pepperoni, marinara sauce and cheese.  They have been happy to accommodate the special order a couple of times and are even going to add something just like to the menu soon.  Thats good news for Amelia who can't wait to get one of her own!

 That's Randon and Dave in my cubicle making a giant L-Cube.  Look at them, poor guys...they are devastated that I'm leaving.

Last night we put up the Christmas tree and decorated it.  Amelia helped, but mostly by being interested.

So this is where I work now, downtown on the 11th floor.  Its nice.  I'm getting adjusted to things and waiting on some gear to come in so I can get to work, but I think I'm really going to like it here.

Amelia is excited!  and not just because she has learned to sit, but because its random image time!

This is Jayden at a little party my mom put together for the kids.  If you ask him, it was a great party...though he doesn't remember a lot of it.

This is a cookie my mom tried to microwave...I'm not sure why.

This is little Milie trying to decide if she wants to sleep.  We got a new small little camera that means its easier to have a camera on hand for moments like this.  This image almost makes it worth while alone.

Okay THIS picture makes it TOTALLY worth it!


Sara Lou said...

Yay for a new small little camera to take those split second jems! We have really loved our little one and probably won't ever go back! Tell Milly congrats on sitting up, we are so proud of her! :)

Kathryn said...

aww I love the updates. Amelie is getting so big!! :) I know you didn't, but if you ask me she majors in Anna-lisa and minors in Pat. :) (looks wise.)


ETCK said...

Glad we got to spend Thanksgiving together. All the baby girls are so cute....although Claire looks a little silly. :) Not her best photo. HA!