Sunday, November 20, 2011

Photo Contest Prizes

Yes, this was a while ago and lots of stuff has happened since (like Halloween) but here are the prizes the three winners got.

all the winners got a black diamond Skin bag (coutesy of Dustin) a toy, some candy, some junk I had lying around the house and a random picture I had printed that was just lying around looking for a home.

Dan and Ashley Recieved.

Some Airplanes, highchew candy, an 11 tooth bike sprocket, and a picture of fudgee, the loveable fudge covered spoon.

Joe ans Anne-Marit got.

A finger bowling game, some peanut butter M&M's, a ski pole wrist strap, and a picture of the old temple quarry mill.

bob and Sara got.

Finger arrows, Cotton candy, a craftsman screwdriver keychain, a picture of some gopher, and a hulu girl because of when and how they would receive it.

in mexico.

For more information on Mexico, stay tuned to the blog.

Thanks for playing.

*not all prizes will be given out in Mexico.

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