Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bear lake - anytime any season...

...its a great place to be.

The great thing about bear lake for us is that with Amelia we can make it up there between feedings...usually.  If you get stuck in traffic and have to eat dinner you may end up accidentally going too far past feeding time and be forced to feed at a run down bar/gas station outside of Evanston, WY.
At least they were kind enough to fill up the bottle with water from the tap
But she got a great meal anyway.

We wanted to have a friends weekend so we invited our friends the Siddoways, the Lefflers and our new friends the Yipes.  

We spent a lot of our time on the boat since it was nice boating weather, thankfully.  There was a 40% chance of thunderstorms for the day but they didn't really bother us.  Wade was glad to be out doing stuff too since he has been at home because of his neck and back.  

The Siddoway's, Wade, Bri, and Taylor (aka Mr. T)  It was Taylor's first time on a boat.

Amelia's too!  Thanks for to the Sonnenberg's for letting us use their infant life-jackets (that were safely stored in our cabin for some reason).

Proud mothers of boating children.  Taylor was much more out of it that Amelia, who liked to wake up every time I hit the throttle.   

Here's Ranelle and Amelia having a good time.  Ranelle tried out water skiing but the force was not with her that day as it wasn't with many of us.
Here I am crashing on a wakeskate.
And steve enjoying a good crash session a little later
Steve had a good outing on the wakeboard though.  and his little Boy Dexter got his first boat ride too, a day of firsts.

That's Dexter not on a boat.

The water was great in the evening and with a few good friends on board the weight was just right for a great wakeboard outing for me.  I usually don't wakeboard anymore because of how sore i get, but it was a lot of fun.   I even tried a tantrum...
I was unsuccessful...
...Many times that day.
But still.  what a day!  After we put the boat away we had gourmet hot dogs while watching the thunderstorms crash to the north and east of us.  It was a lot of fun and I hope we can do it again.  If there is one thing mootsy taught me other than a love of cars, its that if you have something that makes you happy, share it and it will work all the better.  She was so generous with Bear Lake, inviting friends and making new ones there and it enriched her life so much, I hope as the torch passes that I can have the privileged and responsibility to do that same.

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David and Megan said...

Looks like a fun trip, kids! You got some great flying pictures on the wakeboard.