Thursday, August 18, 2011

More fun stuff of the summer

Well, we took another trip up the Bear Lake this summer.  We are so lucky to have a place so close to get away for the weekends.  This last weekend was My family reunion and a weekend at the cabin with Bob and Sara who came into town.

We took some fun family pictures thanks to Marianne who organized it.  I'm so glad she did and she made it just so simple, well I thought so.  She didn't ask anyone's opinion, she just said, we're wearing jeans and and aqua blue color and white.  Find stuff.  It made things so easy!  Luckily, that aqua color is very in this season, and even more luckily, it totally matches the cabin!

Right after family pictures Pat and I hustled over to Lake Town for the annual Rich County Demolition Derby.  I LOVE the demolition derby.  It's so fun to be a little redneck sometimes and what better way than by watching people wreck cars!  A special thanks to Joanne who watched Amelia for us so we could go!

Here's Amelia and I in our swimsuits at the beach.  She finally fits in this adorable swimsuit that she got at a baby shower.  I didn't think it would fit in time but since we've got a fat baby, it did!

Here's a few other random pictures just so our family can feel cool!  Here's Ben and Coby, Pat's brothers on the best seat at Bear Lake and here's Olivia, our niece, asleep in what she thinks is the best seat at Bear Lake!


bob and sara rich said...

Yay for family time at the lake! We'll miss it for sure!

Kathryn said...

That is such a great picture of you guys at the end <3. And I don't think Amelia is "Fat" but my kids are giant so I guess it depends on who they are surrounded by. :) What a darling family you have. <3.