Tuesday, April 19, 2011

UPDATE! Saddest goose in the world

Remember the Saddest goose in the world?  I do.  Turns out the saddest goose in the world wasn't sad at all!  I took a picture of that same goose tonight, looking much more relaxed.

Turns out he wasn't planning on jumping in front of a car, or trying to find his car, or anything like that.  He was just a pensive father to be!

 That's right!  He is the proud father of goslings, Though we counted 5 I only saw the one this time around.  Congratulations dad!  With the advantage of hindsight we might picture him standing out there in the rain, oblivious to us as he contemplates being a dad, one sympathizes.  Anyway, since one person needs to win the contest, i say it was Bob...good job.  Here are basement pics

These are the walls right after we dry-walled and mudded.

And here is what they look like as of tonight

Its Coming along!  In no small part thanks to Joe, not to mention Anna-marit, Jim & Joanne.  Thanks for helping paint.

As you can see the walls, most of them, are "beach house" blue with the last wall being prepped to be painted "Woodrow Wilson putty" and the accents painted some kind of white.  The wall that isn't painted also has a new door for the mechanical room which should help keep out the drafts and the noise.  Its getting closer, now its only tiling, wall paint, ceiling paint, and trim left!  Coming along indeed.


Posh Petals said...

Anna what a project! I love the paint color it looks amazing.

Melanie Herway said...

Oh gosh, I love the update on the goose. That is just great!!!

anniejoneslarsen said...

Let's see some Pregnancy Pics!

J,B and K said...

Looks Great! Anna, I applied at your if you have any pull/sway/say? Thank you!