Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're back...finally.

So after a month...okay...TWO month long sabbatical, Pat and Anna-Lisa are back in the blogging business.  The reason for not posting doesn't have anything to do with laziness, or lack of time...just lack of pictures.  We have been very busy indeed, including Waterford girls tennis for Anna-Lisa (2nd in state!), working on a laundry room redo and getting out on bike rides for me.  Check out the URC blog for the only pictures we have really taken.  Well, we did do a few things with pictures.  This is willow lake.  Pretty huh.

Its a really fun and short little hike up near guardsmen pass in BCC.  You hike through typical North BCC willow tree autumnal-ness.
Then you get to the lace which had these really great ducks that didn't seem to care one bit that we were there.  They walked right up to us.  It was odd.  
Here is some gratuitous duck butt.

Anna really likes when they stick their head under and paddle with their feet and their little duck butts sticking up.  Anyway, it was a good little hike. 

So, now that we are back we will try and not go so long between postings.


The Rich's said...

I'm glad you are back in the blogging world. I love reading up on what you and Pat have been up to.

Wade and Brianna said...

I love the cute duck bum.... I am excited you two are back in the blogging business. I miss hearing all of your adventures.