Thursday, July 29, 2010


Last night, Sorenson Media had a company party at a Salt Lake Bee's game.  Pat and I aren't the biggest fans of baseball but it was still an eventful evening and it brought back a lot of memories for me.  I went to at least one Seattle Mariner's game when we lived in Tacoma, my dad and brother went to a few Atlanta Braves games and brought back hats,  and my roommates and I used to go to BYU baseball games for fun.  Plus, sporting events always play the best music to pump up the fans (I used to want that job at BYU football games).

The turnout for the dinner and game was not huge, so there was lot's of food left over.  Since it was paid for, the Rich clan, Coby, Tiffany and family and Pat and I decided we better stock up.  Before they came and took the food away we filled our pockets with soda and cookies.  Then, off to our seats for the game.  Coby got Corbin this cool bat to start practicing with!  (I think he better start with the giant, red whiffle ball bats though...might have better luck!)

Here's the crew - Corbin (Kind of, he fell asleep but he's there beside Coby), Coby and Jayden, Tiffany, and their friend Brent, and Pat up top - YEAH for baseball!

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