Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shutterfly House Party

In March I applied to be a Shutterfly Party Host. I did it because I got a free book out of it and so did all of my guests. That seemed like a great incentive to apply. They picked me so last Saturday I hosted my party.

I love hosting parties and this was no exception. I decided to have a "Girl's Night Out" with my Olafsson side of the family and all my sisters-in-law on the Rich side. It was a lot of fun to get together and play games and at the end I attempted to teach a little about Shutterfly. Before people got to the party I snapped a few pictures of the decorations.  I hosted a baby shower that morning so here is the topiary with left-over strawberries that I re-used.  And the basket is full of the handouts that Shutterfly provided:  a re-usable shopping bag, pen, free Shutterfly book and 12 free greeting cards (I was very impressed with the goodies they provided!)

Technically  we were supposed to actually make our Shutterfly books at the party but I didn't want to tell everyone to bring their laptops (and that's assuming that everyone has a laptop).  So my first challenge was to think of stuff to do but also incorporate Shutterfly.  So to start, we made pizza together.  Marianne is on the left spreading out the dough and Liv took over to put cheese on the pizzas (except for our lovely Sara - someday soon you'll be drinking milk again!)

While the pizza's were rising and baking we played Burn The House Down. It's a really fun game but it didn't work out as well as I planned. It's a dice game similar to Bunko but the object of the game is to build a house before anyone else does without it burning down. I would have loved to play Bunko but I never knew how hard it is to get a firm commitment out of people of whether they are coming or not. Props to all of you Bunko groups out there - it's really tough I'm sure to get it going. If anyone has room for a 12th player - give me a call, I'm dying to play!

Just wanted to put some pictures up of my party. Thanks to all of those who came, I had lot's of fun!


Kristen said...

You did so much better than I did! Mine ended up being a virtual party since we had so much going on, but yay for you. I will totally have to try to do better next time!

Melanie Herway said...

I love shutterfly. I do all my family photo books through them. I never knew you could do a party...I think I'll have to do one.