Thursday, February 11, 2010


I was very pleasantly surprised this morning when I walked downstairs to see snow falling....FINALLY.  We have had absolutely way too much 40+ degree weather for January and February.  I was just getting tired of it.  So I have been smiling since I saw the snow this morning and in respect of the snow, I'm wearing my ski jacket - we just haven't even had coat wearing weather.  (I've been feeling sheepish putting on all my coats and jackets but I just love them and have to wear them!)

I know, most of you in Utah don't like the snow and to that I say, move!  Okay, that was a little harsh, and I like you so I don't want you to move, but we do live in a climate that is supposed to have snow so, no more complaining when we get it okay?  Instead, celebrate this beautiful weather and take a moment to listen to the snow falling.  It's one of the BEST sounds EVER.  (For those of you currently living on the East coast and getting hammered by the storms, you may complain...specifically for the lack of milk, bread and diet coke!) 

Have a wonderful snowy day and don't worry, it'll clear up for another 40+ degree day tomorrow I'm sure. 

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Amanda said...

It's true, i don't love snow, but if it snows and it is committed to snowing, then I can handle it. These annoying skiffs of snow are what really get to me, and the piles of icky brown icy stuff everywhere. I think Snow is beautiful, but we haven't really had real snow all winter, if you know what I mean. And don't worry, the plan is to eventually move and not have snow.