Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to Anna-Lisa

It's my birthday!  Well, it was, last Friday and Pat did a great job making my birthday fun and special.  I've always loved birthdays, I never really had a problem with them and usually loudly advertised that my b-day was coming up.  Yes, I still did this this year but for once, I've been concerned with the fact that I am indeed getting older.  I have a wrinkle under my left eye to prove it.  And here's the thing - make-up just makes wrinkles look worse.  Bummer.  

Friday night we used one of my birthday coupons to get a free hamburger at Ruby Tuesday's.  YUM!!  It was very good and they had bottomless fries like Red Robin...only much better then Red Robin all around.  Then we went to see Avatar.......I am putting this in the smallest font available because even though I am publicly saying this, I still don't want any serious repercussions from it, but, I just didn't like the movie.  It was too long.  Sure the scenery was pretty but, I live in Utah and I'm surrounded by beautiful mountains everyday!  Okay, back to normal again, despite the movie issue, I had a great birthday.

On Saturday, we got together with a bunch of friends for my traditional Lazer Quest party.  Out of 19 people, I came out 13th....not so good.  But I still had fun, and I appreciate my friend Dustin, who truly felt bad if he hit me on my birthday.  It's okay, I can take it, even if he did get 4th place (I think, some high number like that!).  Then it was off to my parents for treats and games.  As stated before, our basement is torn-up so we couldn't really do anything there.  My mom made a lovely rice-crispy treat cake, Kari made delicious brownies and we had a sugar cookie decorating contest.  All of my favorite desserts right there in one room (no wonder when I went to the doctor this morning I had gained 7 pounds, not the best birthday present!).

Here's Tom with two out of the three cookies he created.  Though the eyes were VERY artistic...well, one of them was, they just didn't have enough to win the contest! 

Lisa's cookie won, no one understood why.  This is looked like the delicious donuts from a place called Beyond Glazed.  YUM!  These donuts are just plain glazed donuts, nothing spectacular there but then there are YUMMY toppings on top and they are all beautiful.  Eric Leonard came in second with his tennis court cookie, it was pretty rad, and Kari took third because she made the Olympic Rings....not as complicated as some of the others but I LOVE the Olympics.  Seriously, I do!

And I know anna hates embedded video...but darn it!  its what I do!  so here is the cookie contest video


Melanie Herway said...

Happy Birthday! I wish I could have remembered to give you a call. Sugar cookie contest...on what fun! Oh how delicious. Kari's brownies, donuts?? I'm getting a really bad sweet tooth right now!!!

Grey Sky Blue said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! I love all the fun things you did...especially the cookie contest! I in love with the eye balls. P.S. I thought Avatar was like some twisted chemical induced knock off of Fern Gully. Which made me really sad because I really loved Fern Gully when I was a kid.

Brianna and Wade said...

YAY! HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! Sorry we couldn't make it. Looks like you guys had a blast =)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Anna! It looks like you guys had fun!

margaret said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Many happy returns - hope this year will be fabulous for you!