Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bear Lake Weekend

Well, we had stake conference this weekend and you all know what that means....vacation! We went up with our friends Dustin and Lisa, and Wade and Bre Siddoway for some good, old fashion Bear Lake fun.

On Saturday we spent the day building an igloo. It was a massive igloo and I am amazed that we actually finished it! I got bored after about an hour and busied myself walking around in circles, tripping in the snow, occasionally helping to build the igloo and taking the journey down to the car twice (once for a bathroom break and to get the camera and once to get pretzels). I was glad to see that during the second trip, they finished the igloo and we could hang out inside it.

Lisa busied herself making a PERFECT little snowman to guard the entrance to the igloo. If you look closely at the group picture, Pat has snowman stick arms growing out of his head. Props to everyone who build this awesome igloo (yes, I take some credit, I did help at first).

The last time we went up to Bear Lake I started a puzzle of Salt Lake. This time it got finished with the help of everyone except Pat. I think Pat was about as excited about this puzzle as I was about the snow igloo.

On the way home Pat and I both saw a very large black mass in a tree from afar and we both were staring at it. When we drove past it Pat claimed it was a bald eagle. With my 20/20 vision I said that it was definately NOT a bald eagle but a black bag of trash with a white trash bag on top. How this garbage bag got so high in the tree was beyond me but it definately was NOT an eagle. Pat turned around and low and behold, it was an eagle so we enjoyed the view and took a few pictures.

To finish the trip, we had to drive up Parley's Canyon in a snowstorm and it took us almost 4 hours! Not so pleasant end to the weekend but a wonderful trip none-the-less!


Melanie Herway said...

Well now we know you wouldn't have made a good bird watcher :) It's true stake conference is such an opportune meetings, no responsibilities. Nice job for taking advantage of it.

Stapes said...

Glad to see you are still partying and having your annual egg nog traditions! :)

David, Megan, Benjamin, Emily, & Joshua said...

Great picture of the eagle. Are you sure you have 20/20 vision? Just like mom, right?!

Johnny said...

I love Dustin's face in that picture with the puzzle. Classic Dustin...