Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pat's Totally Rad, Fantastic, Super-good Birthday!

Pat's birthday was on Tuesday, June 10th. We celebrated on Sunday with his family at Bobby and Sara's. I asked Pat what kind of cake he wanted and if he really wanted a cake (since I'm not too fond of cake myself...just decorating them and looking at them!). He said he wanted something really creative, not just your ordinary cake. I thought about it for a couldn't be too hard to think of something really creative with this crazy cupcake fad and cupcake stores popping up all over the place!

Then I remembered a cake that Pat and I had in Norway at Onkle Valgard and Tante Gerd's house. It was a marzipan cake. I was hesitant to try it since my mom has never liked it, therefore, I have never liked it! Of course, that's a silly excuse because my mom doesn't like noodles or rice...who doesn't like rice?! After much urging from Pat, I tried it and it was DELICIOUS, absolutely DELICIOUS! I found my cake. My first idea was just to buy it but the Scandinavian bakery price which will remain unnamed was ridiculous. I proceded to find a recipe and make it. Now I realize why the cake cost so much, it took me about 8-9 hours to make but it was DELICIOUS, absolutely DELICIOUS. I wish that everyone could try it but I'm certainly not going to make this cake for a long, long time!

Pat celebrated his birthday with friends at Jim and Joanne's house. We played a little pool, hung out, beat a pinata and enjoyed a bonfire. After a few feeble attempts by Pat and Scott to bust open the pinata Coby took a wack at it and knocked it off the rope. We tied it back up and Marianne koncked it off again spilling its contents. Pat got some fun gifts from friends including a bad movie (Pat will tell you "bad" as in awesome, I say "bad" as in bad), a remote control helicopter and a much needed beach towel. I got him Pit so now we just need to have friends over for a fun Pit party. Pat also got a bike mechanic apron from my mom so now he won't get all his clothes dirty when he works on bikes.


Madsons said...

I didn't know you didn't like cake! Neither do I. You live with a person and never know things about them. Oh, and Happy Birthday Pat

Kate&Van said...

My sister makes marzipan cakes often. they are quite delicious. what a good wife you are! :)