Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tuning Time

Today we took advantage of Alta's "Ski free after 3" deal. It was awesome. The snow was super soft; it wasn't cold or windy. There wasn't too many people so we didn't have to wait in line too long. Ski free after 3 is mainly how we get our skiing in though Pat likes to do a little backcountry skiing too, especially since he bought brand new Volkl Gotama's. They're pretty cool but both of us agree that they still don't look as good as mine.

I got Volkl's a few seasons ago and I've aways said they were really slow skis. Pat never believed me. He just thought I was a slow skier. Then when he bought his, he found out that Volkl's don't come waxed! We had a waxing party last night to speed things up. Pat taught me how to wax skis. It's really fun and we both agree it makes us feel like carpenters. Then I waxed his eyebrow....sorry, no picture of that.

Now, we will be the fastest and best skier's on the mountain with two eyebrows!

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little miss p said...

i love "ski free after 3" - best idea ever!