Monday, February 4, 2008

Back on Track

It's true we don't update this as often as we should but at least when we do you get neat pictures and cool movies...well at least I think their cool. This last January has been interesting for us, the beginning of a new year as a married couple, getting the house in order and getting settled in. We have had some fun (see pictures and video) and we have been very busy (see lack of postings) but we are still enjoying the things that life has thrown us. Anna and I went snowshoeing a few weeks ago and I have been skiing from time to time. We both LOVE the snow and LOOOVE the fact that it has been snowing alot lately, Anna is still hoping for that snow day though. The movie that i have been working on for the boat show is nearing completion and i hope to have it done this week, if you get a chance to stop by the boat show check out the Centurion booth. I can't wait for it to be over though, as it has consumed what little free time i have, oh well its good fun work at least. Well, i am planning on getting some more video up as soon as i can, and i am sure Anna will want to edit this for content as soon as she sees it, so we will be busy. Until then.


Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

Love the pictures! We should go snowshoeing together sometime.

Jos and Kath said...